Work Projects

We have a variety of work projects underway at Bear Paw, including maintenance, remodeling, and expansion. With busy schedules work days are sometimes difficult to schedule, but we would love your help in a variety of projects. We are looking for individuals, families, small groups and churches to adopt specific projects.

Current needs: 



  1. Repair steps on all cabins Plywood flooring
  2. Build and install benches in new fire ring
  3. Repair benches in current amphitheater
  4. Repair sound table at the top Install stairs in amphitheater
  5. Repair all screens
  6. Build and install bat boxes
  7. Repair outside benches
  8. Extend deck around the dining hall


  1. All Cabins interior and exterior


  1. Grounds Cleaning
  2. Cut and split trees
  3. Repair Cement basketball court

Items Needed

  • Double Ovens
  • Espresso Machine
  • Projectors for meeting hall