Our exterminator came out yesterday morning for our quarterly spray. He apologized if he was hard to understand he just had jaw surgery in the last couple days.  His face was noticeably swollen.

A month ago he had his wisdom tooth extracted. He got a subsequent infection which got into his jaw bone. So he just had surgery to remove 3 chunks of left jaw bone.

When he was done spraying I asked if I could pray for him and place my hand on his cheek. He said, sure. I prayed and he said it was a little better. I prayed one more time and let him go.  Early this morning I got this text from him.

“Good morning Mr. Thompson. I’m sorry to be texting you so early, but I wanted to thank you. Yesterday I was feeling a weird tingling in my jaw and today it feels normal, after over a month of pain it is gone. Thank you so much for your prayer. God bless you and your family.”

Praise God!