So, the church camp I attended in February of 2021 through Breakthrough Church had a vast impact in my life, literally, every aspect of my life was affected.
I attended camp with a hungry heart, I was tired of the self-induced torture I was putting myself through, pretty much all my life. I was always trying to be perfect. I was hard on myself, if I made a mistake, I could not forgive myself, I thought you had to get everything right the first time, no room for errors.
I didn’t like myself very much because I fell short, and it was difficult to like anyone else for that matter.
I masked all my pain with working hard and pouring my time and energy into school.  I was never satisfied I always needed to plan and goal set every day, and days turned into years. I reached many goals in my life, but I still came back empty inside.

Until Bear Paw Camp and God and His angels ministering to my heart.
I finally feel as though I’m free from so many strongholds in my life.
I feel alive and truly accepting of myself and others.
I live knowing that only through Jesus Christ, God sees us perfect.
I can Genuinely give and love others and meet them where they’re at,
every day is a new beginning to love.

Not perfect but forgiven